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Z for ClassRooms

new dimension of your computer classroom

Z for ClassRooms is a product intended and optimized for administration of classrooms equipped with computers. It is based on an excellent solution created by Novell called ZENworks for Desktops ®, to which features, functions and control interfaces are added required for administration and operation of a classroom or classrooms. The current version 2.2 is a result of more than four years of development, the authors' invention, available technologies and inclusion of requirements of teachers from many countries of the world. Even though it is possible to impose some restrictions on users – students during lessons, the essential idea of the entire solution is to make the use of computers during any lessons (even those not based on computers) easier.

The heart of the program is formed by a server part, which controls computers in individual classrooms, including switching them and off, and allows teachers managing classes, with which they work at a specific moment. It also allows system administrators defining classrooms and locations of computers in classrooms, allocating applications based on studied subjects, creating generic statements, which can be used by users without their own accounts, setting kiosk modes for public operations like in an Internet Café, and attributing roles to users, such as students, teachers, administrators. The controlling system itself is very clear and can be handled using an Internet browser.

On the client side, Windows 2000 and higher are supported, and actions of users are not restricted or affected by using the ZfCR product unless the respective station is controlled by a teacher, or unless specific restrictions are set using ZENworks ®. The ZfCR client allows the "contextless login", which means that a student must enter only his or her user name and password. Another option is the generic login, which can be chosen directly in the menu. The ZfCR client allows "contextless login", which means that both the teacher and students must enter only their names and passwords. Another possibility is to use generic login, which can be selected directly in the menu and which usually indicates a teaching subject (mathematics, physics, etc.) or the work mode (Internet, games, etc.).

Installation of the server part is very simple thanks to an elaborate installation program for Windows and can be handled by a common system administrator. Installation and – primarily – the registration of stations is simple as well: just launch the program and select a classroom, to which the respective station belongs upon the first start. An automatic update application of the client is also available, allowing installations of updated versions to more stations.

The concept of the ZfCR product is focused on simple and effective control easily understandable even to teachers who are not involved in information technologies. We can say that the system improves safety and security of school computer networks thanks to high control over stations in classrooms, but its main benefit is the simplification of work with computers on the part of both teachers and students. The professional form of the product and the standard use of the time-tested ZENWorks ® allow large-scale implementation without any risks of breakdowns. Thanks to remote access to all main functions, technical support staff may intervene in your school immediately, without costly and lengthy traveling.

The system is available in several languages (in Czech, Russian, English and German), allowing extensive appearance modification on the part of a client without any support from authors/programmers, as in both cases, a description of screens or pages is applied using the HTML language. It means that you can easily apply a logo of the respective school or a local supplier, add, delete or rewrite texts, or to create a new Help system based on the rules of use the school network, without affecting the functions of the product in any way.